Savages & Sorcery

Hell on Earth

Intent on finding and destroying Gallog, the heroes emerged from the cave to see the jungle engulfed in flames! The dinosaurs were running for their lives as demons moved amongst the flames slaughtering every living creature in their path. Tyriel the Necromancer realized that Gallog must have returned to the evil temple on the island and ripped open the portal to hell!

The heroes knew that the fate of the world was at stake and it was up to them to discover a way to close the portal. They battled through the demons and the fire to reach the temple. Their mundane weapons had little effect on the demonic creatures they faced, but fortunately Tyriel was able to devastate them with its magic.

As they were battling a host of demons being led by a black knight at the temple, a star fell from the sky, but it was no star, but an angel. Together the angel and the heroes smote the black knight. Similar angels were falling from the sky battling the demons around the temple. The angels raised they’re swords against the heroes as they said….

“All Demons Must be Cleansed from this Plane!”



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