Savages & Sorcery

The Lair of the Necromancer

And the heroes did behold the steep cliff that led to the necromancers cave. Up they climbed when they were beset by giant bees! Still neither cliff nor giant bee could defeat them and they entered the cave of Tyreil the Necromancer

There they fought and smote the undead pirates that were once members of Gallog’s crew. As the battle intensified throughout the cavern, Katara (Deceased), hearing the yells of her comrades attempted to jump a river of lava to join them. Alas she slipped on a pool of blood and, tragically, disappeared into the lava river.

After defeating the undead pirates, the heroes entered the chamber of the Necromancer, there, in the midst of battle Rok let out a mighty belch that stopped everyone in there tracks. In the stunned silence the heroes opened up a dialog with Tyreil. Tyreil saw they they shared a common enemy in Gallog, and agreed to help them defeat him. Tyreil also admitted that it was he who originally summoned the power of the demon Legion onto the material plane and that it was the cause of the curse!!



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