Savages & Sorcery

The Story So Far (Part 1)

Inflicted by a curse that makes them fade from reality at any given moment and for an unpredetermined amount of time the heroes were all brought together by a man named Balthazar. Balthazar claims that he is cursed as well, except when he fades from reality he is able to see and locate others who are also afflicted by the curse. Thinking that there must be a reason for this Balthazar has gone about gathering those in his visions, in hopes that maybe together they could cure this terrible curse. That is how he found Katara, Rok, and Wilf. Katara, Rok, and Wilf became his “Xmen” and for the last year had been sailing with Balthazar and collecting the other cursed people from his visions.

All was going as planned until they went to free a cursed brother from a alchemist named Malcram. Upon escaping from the alchemists secret lab via the sewers they were poisoned by giant spiders. Luckily, or so it seemed, some city guard (disposing of a corpse in the sewer) saved them from the clutches of the giant spiders.

They were safe for now but found themselves locked in a dungeon for the crime of murder as Malcram’s body was found. Brought before King Solaris III, they came to find out that the alchemist they slew worked for the king and was helping cure the sickly prince. But they were spared death if they could locate the hag in the swamp and convince her to help the prince.

The trek through the swamp proved perilous and all the kings guard who accompanied them perished. Eventually they were able to locate the hag Moara. She had known much about them and their curse it seemed. She told them that Balthazar and their cursed brothers and sisters had been captured by Katara’s nemesis, a ruthless pirate named Gallog. She then gave the a drink which activated their curse, sending them out of reality….but when they regained their senses they found themselves…in HELL!



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