Savages & Sorcery

The Story So Far (Part 2)

That’s right…HELL I said. There Rok, Wilf, and Katara battled hellhounds as they traversed a stone path on a plane of lava. The path ended at a doorway set into a cliff. Behind the door they found themselves as apparitions in the princes chamber. There they discovered that the prince also was cursed and that this was the ailment that the king wished to cure.

They then reappeared in the hut where they found the hag, thou it was vacant and showed no signs of having any recent occupants. They found their way out of the swamp and were immediately recaptured by the kings guard and brought back to the dungeons. Having failed in their quest to bring help for the prince and returning without any of the guards responsible for keeping watch on them, they were sentenced to death in the arena.

Their skill in the arena earned them another audience with the king. When the king learned they had a common enemy in the pirate Gallog, he awarded them a letter of marque to got hunt the pirates and bring Gallog back to him.

They were brought to Captain Baltimus and joined him on his ship, The Solar Winds, which Baltimus named in honor of King Solaris. They were able to track down a pirate vessel. Upon capturing it they located 2 cursed brothers locked up in the hold. One was a rouge named. Dymaxion, and the other a foreigner with an attitude named Synn. They found out they these cursed prisoners were being taken to Gallog on the dread and mysterious Island of Woe, from which no one has returned!



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