Savages & Sorcery

The Story So Far (Part 3)

Upon arriving at the Island of Woe the heroes spied Gallog’s pirate ship being careened on the shore by the crew. Through the use of subterfuge and a cleverly placed eye patch the managed to convince the pirates that they were transporting prisoners for Gallog. The pirates were escorting the heroes through the jungle to the ancient evil temple where Gallog was, when they were attacked by velociraptor’s. It appears that dinosaurs still roam the Island of Woe!

After they survived the attack they made their way to the temple were Gallog had sacrificed all of their cursed brothers and sisters in a giant pool of lava which turned into a portal to HELL!! Right before Gallog plunged a knife into Balthazar he disappeared! Now the heroes knew that they all had closer ties to Gallog, for he was cursed as well! A giant jackal headed demon emerged from the hell portal with a host of hellhounds. The minions of hell however were no match for the combined might of the heroes. Balthazar remained unharmed thou he was heavily sedated.

The heroes returned to the Solar Winds with Balthazar in tow. After sometime spent licking their wounds Balthazar revealed the truth of their curse. They were all possessed by a demon from hell named Legion! Legion sought to escape hell, but he was somewhat unsuccessful, …somewhat. For he failed to emerge wholly from he’ll, instead his soul split into pieces which found hosts inside the bodies of the cursed. This is what causes their instability. Gallog plans to make the demon whole by killing all the other cursed, and claim the power and might of the demon Legion for himself.

Balthazar revealed that their were two other cursed which Gallog needs to kill in order to succeed at his plan. One is the prince, the other is a necromancer who is hiding in a cave on a cliff side of a giant volcano on the Island of Woe. The heroes returned to the island to get to the necromancer before Gallog did. Their they were attacked by a tyrannosaur, which Rok tamed and made into a steed and rode to the face of the cliff, where the cave of the necromancer lies waiting……



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