Dymaxion is THE stereotypical rogue/swashbuckler. Average height with blonde hair and a charming smile? Check. Wiry build and cat like reflexes? - Check. Irreverant attitude and a thirst for adventure? - Check! Let the adventure begin!


Dymaxion the Quick

AGI: d8 / SMA: d6 / SPI: d6 / STR: d6 / VIG: d6

Athletics – d6 (Thief 2)
Boating – d4
Fighting – d6
Intimidation – d6 (
2 Strong Willed)
Lockpicking – d6 (2 Thief)
Notice – d4
Stealth – d6 (
2 Thief)
Streetwise – d6
Taunt – d6 (+2 Strong Willed)

Edges: Thief, Quick, Strong Willed, Level Headed, Improved Level Headed, Acrobat

Hinderances: Oveconfident, Wanted (minor), Greedy (minor)

Rapier: d6 + d4
Mini Crossbow: d4 + d4, 6/12/24, AP 1


Dymaxion is a self styled swashbuckler, rogue, and occasional heroic figure to some. As he made his way through life, he always managed to stay a step ahead of the law, always managing to succeed at whatever endeavor attracted his notice. Women swoon, men tell tales of his exploits, and drinks are always on the house wherever he goes (at least that’s what he hopes for…). As for this so-called ‘curse’… well, it’s managed to save him from some tight spots, always managing to ‘disappear’ at just the right time, and then reappears someplace else.

Finding out that someone is trying to kill him because of his ‘curse’ has set his resolve to stay alive just to spite his malefactor. Traveling with others with the same affliction for mutual self protection, he hopes to meet and defeat this ‘Galog’ and continue his rake-ish ways uninhibited.


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