Savages & Sorcery

Hell on Earth

Intent on finding and destroying Gallog, the heroes emerged from the cave to see the jungle engulfed in flames! The dinosaurs were running for their lives as demons moved amongst the flames slaughtering every living creature in their path. Tyriel the Necromancer realized that Gallog must have returned to the evil temple on the island and ripped open the portal to hell!

The heroes knew that the fate of the world was at stake and it was up to them to discover a way to close the portal. They battled through the demons and the fire to reach the temple. Their mundane weapons had little effect on the demonic creatures they faced, but fortunately Tyriel was able to devastate them with its magic.

As they were battling a host of demons being led by a black knight at the temple, a star fell from the sky, but it was no star, but an angel. Together the angel and the heroes smote the black knight. Similar angels were falling from the sky battling the demons around the temple. The angels raised they’re swords against the heroes as they said….

“All Demons Must be Cleansed from this Plane!”

The Lair of the Necromancer

And the heroes did behold the steep cliff that led to the necromancers cave. Up they climbed when they were beset by giant bees! Still neither cliff nor giant bee could defeat them and they entered the cave of Tyreil the Necromancer

There they fought and smote the undead pirates that were once members of Gallog’s crew. As the battle intensified throughout the cavern, Katara (Deceased), hearing the yells of her comrades attempted to jump a river of lava to join them. Alas she slipped on a pool of blood and, tragically, disappeared into the lava river.

After defeating the undead pirates, the heroes entered the chamber of the Necromancer, there, in the midst of battle Rok let out a mighty belch that stopped everyone in there tracks. In the stunned silence the heroes opened up a dialog with Tyreil. Tyreil saw they they shared a common enemy in Gallog, and agreed to help them defeat him. Tyreil also admitted that it was he who originally summoned the power of the demon Legion onto the material plane and that it was the cause of the curse!!

The Story So Far (Part 3)

Upon arriving at the Island of Woe the heroes spied Gallog’s pirate ship being careened on the shore by the crew. Through the use of subterfuge and a cleverly placed eye patch the managed to convince the pirates that they were transporting prisoners for Gallog. The pirates were escorting the heroes through the jungle to the ancient evil temple where Gallog was, when they were attacked by velociraptor’s. It appears that dinosaurs still roam the Island of Woe!

After they survived the attack they made their way to the temple were Gallog had sacrificed all of their cursed brothers and sisters in a giant pool of lava which turned into a portal to HELL!! Right before Gallog plunged a knife into Balthazar he disappeared! Now the heroes knew that they all had closer ties to Gallog, for he was cursed as well! A giant jackal headed demon emerged from the hell portal with a host of hellhounds. The minions of hell however were no match for the combined might of the heroes. Balthazar remained unharmed thou he was heavily sedated.

The heroes returned to the Solar Winds with Balthazar in tow. After sometime spent licking their wounds Balthazar revealed the truth of their curse. They were all possessed by a demon from hell named Legion! Legion sought to escape hell, but he was somewhat unsuccessful, …somewhat. For he failed to emerge wholly from he’ll, instead his soul split into pieces which found hosts inside the bodies of the cursed. This is what causes their instability. Gallog plans to make the demon whole by killing all the other cursed, and claim the power and might of the demon Legion for himself.

Balthazar revealed that their were two other cursed which Gallog needs to kill in order to succeed at his plan. One is the prince, the other is a necromancer who is hiding in a cave on a cliff side of a giant volcano on the Island of Woe. The heroes returned to the island to get to the necromancer before Gallog did. Their they were attacked by a tyrannosaur, which Rok tamed and made into a steed and rode to the face of the cliff, where the cave of the necromancer lies waiting……

The Story So Far (Part 2)

That’s right…HELL I said. There Rok, Wilf, and Katara battled hellhounds as they traversed a stone path on a plane of lava. The path ended at a doorway set into a cliff. Behind the door they found themselves as apparitions in the princes chamber. There they discovered that the prince also was cursed and that this was the ailment that the king wished to cure.

They then reappeared in the hut where they found the hag, thou it was vacant and showed no signs of having any recent occupants. They found their way out of the swamp and were immediately recaptured by the kings guard and brought back to the dungeons. Having failed in their quest to bring help for the prince and returning without any of the guards responsible for keeping watch on them, they were sentenced to death in the arena.

Their skill in the arena earned them another audience with the king. When the king learned they had a common enemy in the pirate Gallog, he awarded them a letter of marque to got hunt the pirates and bring Gallog back to him.

They were brought to Captain Baltimus and joined him on his ship, The Solar Winds, which Baltimus named in honor of King Solaris. They were able to track down a pirate vessel. Upon capturing it they located 2 cursed brothers locked up in the hold. One was a rouge named. Dymaxion, and the other a foreigner with an attitude named Synn. They found out they these cursed prisoners were being taken to Gallog on the dread and mysterious Island of Woe, from which no one has returned!

The Story So Far (Part 1)

Inflicted by a curse that makes them fade from reality at any given moment and for an unpredetermined amount of time the heroes were all brought together by a man named Balthazar. Balthazar claims that he is cursed as well, except when he fades from reality he is able to see and locate others who are also afflicted by the curse. Thinking that there must be a reason for this Balthazar has gone about gathering those in his visions, in hopes that maybe together they could cure this terrible curse. That is how he found Katara, Rok, and Wilf. Katara, Rok, and Wilf became his “Xmen” and for the last year had been sailing with Balthazar and collecting the other cursed people from his visions.

All was going as planned until they went to free a cursed brother from a alchemist named Malcram. Upon escaping from the alchemists secret lab via the sewers they were poisoned by giant spiders. Luckily, or so it seemed, some city guard (disposing of a corpse in the sewer) saved them from the clutches of the giant spiders.

They were safe for now but found themselves locked in a dungeon for the crime of murder as Malcram’s body was found. Brought before King Solaris III, they came to find out that the alchemist they slew worked for the king and was helping cure the sickly prince. But they were spared death if they could locate the hag in the swamp and convince her to help the prince.

The trek through the swamp proved perilous and all the kings guard who accompanied them perished. Eventually they were able to locate the hag Moara. She had known much about them and their curse it seemed. She told them that Balthazar and their cursed brothers and sisters had been captured by Katara’s nemesis, a ruthless pirate named Gallog. She then gave the a drink which activated their curse, sending them out of reality….but when they regained their senses they found themselves…in HELL!


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