• Balthazar


    The mentor, the 'Professor X', also cursed. He is able to locate others who are cursed.
  • Bobo


    Loyal bodyguard of Captain Baltimus
  • Captain Baltimus

    Captain Baltimus

    Young privateer with much ambition if not a lot of experience
  • Dymaxion


    Dymaxion is THE stereotypical rogue/swashbuckler. Average height with blonde hair and a charming smile? Check. Wiry build and cat like reflexes? - Check. Irreverant attitude and a thirst for adventure? - Check! Let the adventure begin!
  • Gallog


    Evil cursed pirate villain; nemesis of Katara.
  • Katara (Reborn)

    Katara (Reborn)

    She was deeply scarred warrior woman, with dark clothes and hair. Blue eyes and snow white skin. She spent her entire life hunting down her childhood nemesis, Gallog.
  • King Solaris III

    King Solaris III

    The king!
  • Lucy


    Frikkin T-Wrecks
  • Pagan


    Loyal bodyguard to Captain Baltimus.
  • Prince Jauffre

    Prince Jauffre

    Prince of the Kingdom, son of King Solaris.
  • Rok


    Barbarian who enjoys leaping and sweeping. Has a tamed pet dinosuar.
  • Synn


    Asian Wizard; was Gallog victim. But now travels with our heroes as well.
  • Tyriel the Necromancer (Dead

    Tyriel the Necromancer (Dead

    A total mystery to all who have ever come across him/her/it. Had a faze of insanity after a visit to hell itself. But has regained sanity, whereabouts unkown.
  • Wilf


    Shifty street performer
  • Wormy Caldwell

    Wormy Caldwell

    King Solaris's royal advisor.