Katara (Reborn)

She was deeply scarred warrior woman, with dark clothes and hair. Blue eyes and snow white skin. She spent her entire life hunting down her childhood nemesis, Gallog.

Katara came from the far eastern part of this world. When she found out she had this strange ability that made her appear and disappear randomly, she attempted trying to use it to better the ways and rituals of her community. Which backfired on her almost always. She noticed she has no control over this curse at all. Eventually she learned to just try and cope with it for the tie being, but one fateful day her power caused her downfall. In her little village she had an enemy. His name was Gallog. They have been at each other’s throats since the first day they met. As children everything they did to each other was very juvenile of course, but as they grew older there methods of getting at each other grew more and more violent. Gallog, when both of them near their late teens, came to her home late one night (her family was quite poor so she shared her home with her mother, 3 brothers, and 1 sister).

He decided he was going to kill Katara’s whole family. Her family was terribly vulnerable; only after this incident did Katara learn that her eldest brother, whose able to wield a sword and use it well, was killed by Gallog’s men early that evening. Katara was the only other person in the family who knew how to use weapons. When Katara was about to make her last stand against Gallog and his thugs, her ability triggered and she disappeared without a trace. She reappeared far out into the woods near the village, she thought she would be able to run back and make it in time to help. But it was too late. When she reached her hovel, Gallog was gone. Her family was strewn across the floor in pools of there one blood. She found a note on the ground from Gallog saying this,

“Katara, I do not know how you evaded me. But I will find you, and I will kill you. Your head shall be mounted upon my fireplace. This I swear.”

She was going to hunt him as well. This was her vengeance at hand.

She never got to take on her revenge. On account of burning to death in molten lava. Rok promised to avenge her death.

Katara (Reborn)

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